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We provide services for both Mechanics & Service Providers

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We provide services for Drivers & Logistics companies

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About TRX

Are or will there be fees associated with me signing?

We are offering zero fees for mechanics who sign up with our initial offering.

Am I required to sign a contract?

There will be a service agreement outlining expectations from both mechanics and truckers.

What if I am too busy to take the job?

No problem! When we call out just let us know and we will find another service provider. Mechanics are not obligated to take our call outs.

How do you make money?

We make money by offering our services to fleets for a fixed monthly fee. If fleets are on our network, they will have exclusive access to our nationwide accounts hence our motto “We’ve got your back!”

What if I want to cancel?

We hate to see you go but if you absolutely must cancel our relationship simply let us know by phone and / or email and we will take you off our network.

Does the trucker need to get approval for the work that is being done?

Our services are provided to help truckers get on the road faster. Agreements have been made with the trucker to automatically accept / approve services at the posted hourly rates for roadside services. If a truck must be towed / taken back to the shop, then the trucker will be responsible for getting further approval on his own time.

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